Life Support Services

Basic rate: 2,400 yen/hour (3 hours minimum)
Service hours: Weekdays 9:00 - 19:00 (regular hours), 24-hour support (only available for certain services)
Service area: Tokyo metropolitan area, Chiba, Saitama, Kanagawa
* We do not provide medical, nursing or massaging service that requires a license or certification.
* Our services will not be covered by the nursing-care insurance.

Housekeeping Services (Visiting Service)


The Mother Concierge (our staff) will visit your home (place of stay) and assist you with comprehensive housekeeping services. Our services include the following. We accept last minute changes on service contents.


Child-care/Tutoring Support Service


This is a child-care support services by the Mother Concierge. Expert housewives with experience in raising children will baby-sit your children. Also, we offer “Japanese lessons” to your children while baby-sitting. For this service, we will arrange your exclusive Mother Concierge. Please note in advance that it may take some time to select and arrange the best matching Mother Concierge for you and your children.

Life Support Services (Live-in Service)

Live Support

For single elderly or unwell customers, the Mother Concierge will assist with life support (LS) services including routine housework, lifestyle guidance, safety confirmation, emergency contact, etc. when needed. This service is a live-in service for hotels, medical facilities, etc. Our staff will maintain the quality of services to guarantee customers’ “peace of mind in life.”
To avoid the occurrence of differences in services, we need to pay consistent and solicitous attention to our customers. To achieve this, we go through a number of internal Mother Concierge Service (MSS) trainings besides public trainings and dedicate ourselves to improve 3 factors: consciousness, knowledge and skills.
* Our services will not be covered by the nursing-care insurance.